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The Tan Bar: FAQs > Airbrush Spray Tanning > Sometimes when I spray tan I notice areas like my hands, feet or ankles look odd - what do I do to prevent this?

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Feet, Hands and Ankles can be the most difficlut ares to get an even tan, as those areas tend to more dry than other parts of the body.  There are a couple of solutions.  1) Prior to spray tanning, use a small amount of lotion on those areas so that the dry skin does not absorb more of the DHA than the rest of the body.  2) the day after your spray tan, if you notice some of those areas not looking the way you want, take a small amount of an exfoliating body wash and gently rub the area in question, blending the tan to acheive a the result you want.  Do not exfoliate to the point of removing the tan, just enough to blend.