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DHA was approved by the FDA in the 1970’s for external uses.  It is not approved for internal contact or ingestoin, which is why we take precautions to ensure the solutions are not sprayed in areas that have exposed mucous membrane, such as nostrils, lips and genital areas.    We have state-of the-art equipment that moves the airflow 3 times the normal flow, called "Extractors" that pull the over spray away from the client into a filter system.  We offer, eye covers, nose filters, disposable undergarments, hair nets and recommend the use of lip balm to protect the lips.  DHA does not damage the skin and is considered safe, however, there have been reports of people having sensitivity or minor allergic reactions to DHA – but this can be easily resolved by removing the solution by washing it off in the shower or bath as soon as you notice any irritation. 

See what the experts are saying about sunless tanning on the Skin Cancer Foundation Website or http://ec.europa.eu/health/scientific_committees/consumer_safety/docs/sccs_o_048.pdf.