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The Tan Bar: FAQs > Airbrush Spray Tanning > Is airbrush tanning better than tanning beds, spray booths or lotions that use DHA products?

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Airbrush Spray tanning provides a more custom experience.  We use a hand held HVLP misting system so we can cover all areas evenly.  In difficult areas, such as excessive oily skin, or areas that are prone to fading faster the technician is able to give an extra coat so that you get an even tan.  For areas of dry skin, they will use a moisturizer or blocker to avoid the area getting to dark.  The chance of streaking and drips is almost completely eliminated in airbrush tanning.   Another plus with airbrush tanning is you don't have to hold your breath for as long. The technician will tell you when he or she is approaching your face, and will ask you to hold your breath for about 3 seconds. Our state-of-the-art overspray booths actually assist in this as well.  They meet all UL, OSHA, and FDA requirements for conducting sunless spray on tanning in a commercial salon environment, so your anxieties of breathing in DHA are taken care at the Tan Bar.

Booths that spray do not have the same control and all body types are not the same.  A custom airbrush process remedies the "one size fits all" method. 

Lotions will expose the palm of your hands to the DHA and can be difficult to get an even application.  This can cause coloration to streak, be uneven, or even leave your palms tanned – which is a quick give-away that you used a sunless product.