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The Tan Bar: FAQs > Airbrush Spray Tanning > As a woman, I have noticed that the area of my chest between the breast started coming off before the rest , what do I do?

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This issue is most common in women who exercise and wear sports bras and/or tight biker or yoga pants.  It is caused by sweat loosening the dead skin cell layer, and then the material of the bra or pants rubbing the same are of skin repeatedly, basically exfoliating off the tan.  To avoid this, be sure to use a lotion-style, water-resistant sun screen all over the skin about 45 minutes before working out.  Then, use a make-up brush with baby powder, and powder in the areas the sports bra and tight pants go before getting dressed. 

This provides a lotion and powder barrier between your skin and the work out clothing, and will either minimize or prevent this issue.